Talks & articles from dotScale 2016

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Juan Benet

IPFS: Distributed Web Apps

Mickaël Rémond

Building Scalable Systems: what you can learn from Erlang

Dan Brown

Convergent Replicated Data Types, Part 2

Following up on his talk at dotScale 2015 where he presented the benefits of an eventually consistent "AP" system using CRDTs versus a strictly consistent "CP" system, Dan shares more information about some of the specific data types in the Riak database and how they behave when conflicts occur.

Ted Dunning

IT from First Principles

Eliot Horowitz

The Case for Cross-Service Joins

Oliver Keeble

Planetary Computing at the Large Hadron Collider

Fabien Potencier

Monolithic repositories vs. Many repositories

Deciding to use a monolithic repository or many repositories for your next project is not easy. Why not using both strategies? That’s possible with, an open source tool that automates the splitting of a monolithic Git repository into many standalone repositories.

Benjamin Fernandes

Monitoring 101: How To Monitor at Scale

Sean Owen

Scaling Learning on Apache Spark

Vasia Kalavri

Demystifying Distributed Graph Processing

Gleb Budman

A Peek Behind The Cloud