Talks & articles from dotScale 2015

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Ben Firshman

How to use an Internet-sized computer

David Mytton

Scaling Humans - Ops teams and incident management

Simon Riggs

Databases - The Long View

John Wilkes

Cluster management at Google with Borg

Matt Bostock

Coordinating unattended reboots using a distributed mutex

Mario Loriedo

Docker meets the IDE

Chris Sinjakli

Zero-downtime PostgreSQL migrations

Sam Bessalah

Your system is distributed, like it or not!

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Introducing Disque

Jeremy Edberg

Your infrastructure is not a unique snowflake, and that's ok!

Neha Narula

Consistency and Candy Crush: Don't give up on serializability just yet

Paul Dix

Time series data: the worst and best use case in distributed databases

Kyle Kingsbury

Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal

John Graham-Cumming

I got 10 trillion problems, but logging ain't one

Dan Brown

Convergent Replicated Data Types