Talks & articles from dotJS 2015

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Maxim Salnikov

Getting started with Angular2

Mathias Buus

Hyperdrive, a P2P filesharing network

Etienne Margraff

Easier remote JavaScript debugging with Vorlon.js

Nicolas Grenié

Serverless Microservices in JavaScript

Eric Schoffstall

WebRTC Everywhere

Christophe Porteneuve

Modern Asynchronous JavaScript

Nicolas Bevacqua

Practical ES6 for the Modern JavaScript Tinkerer

Brendan Eich

Web Evolution in Action 2

Samuel Saccone

Dealing with Garbage

Vincent Voyer

Authoring and publishing ES6 modules today

Johannes Fiala

How to end manual REST-API client coding

Forbes Lindesay

The Compiler Pipeline of Pug

Rebecca Murphey

HTTP/2 is here, now let's make it easy

Tim Caswell

Teaching Kids Programming using Web Browsers and Real Robots

Andre Medeiros

The whole future declared in a var

Henrik Joreteg

Pocket-sized JavaScript