Talks & articles from dotGo 2016

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Simone Carletti

Using Go to Guide API Design Decisions

Damian Gryski

Slices: Performance through cache-friendliness

Jean-Bernard Jansen

The low-level awesomeness of Go

Rhys Hiltner

Go's execution tracer

Franz Eichhorn

Go machine learning at large scale

Sébastien Binet

pygo: Interpreters in Go and for Go

Kelsey Hightower

Self Deploying Go Applications

Dmitri Shuralyov

Go in the browser

Robert Griesemer

Prototype your design!

Elias Naur

Make mobile programming fun (again)

John Cinnamond

A Look at the Criticism of Go

Péter Szilágyi

Immutability in Go: Post mortem from a DoS-ed blockchain

Dave Cheney

Do not fear first class functions

Katrina Owen

The Scandalous Story of the Dreadful Code Written by the Best of Us

Matthew Holt

Go with ACME