Talks & articles from dotGo 2015

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Veronica Lopez

Go, Beyond the Distributed Systems

Jason Hickey

A new PNaCl/LLVM Go Compiler

Sebastien Binet

gopy: extending CPython with Go

Eleanor McHugh

Encrypt All Transports

Peter Bourgon

A case for microservices

Matt Horsnell

What have the instruction set architects ever done for us?

Arnaud Porterie

Abusing text/template for data transformation

Alan Shreve

Conceptualizing Large Software Systems

Francesc Campoy Flores

Functional Go?

Rob Pike

Simplicity is Complicated

Matt Aimonetti

Applied concurrency in Go

Marty Schoch

A Tour of the Bleve

Jessica Frazelle

The Docker Trail

Fatih Arslan

Tools for working with Go Code

Anthony Starks

The Other Side of Go: Programming Pictures