Simone Carletti

Using Go to Guide API Design Decisions

Maxime Thirouin

A static website with React? Really?

Damian Gryski

Slices: Performance through cache-friendliness

Guy Bedford

Unbundling the Future Web Runtime

Jean-Bernard Jansen

The low-level awesomeness of Go

Christophe Porteneuve

Tuning Babel to your runtimes

Juan Benet

IPFS: Distributed Web Apps

Sébastien Chopin

Nuxt.js: Universal Vue.js Applications

Bertrand Chevrier


Rhys Hiltner

Go's execution tracer

Igor Minar

Keep Your Minds Open

Franz Eichhorn

Go machine learning at large scale

Sébastien Binet

pygo: Interpreters in Go and for Go

Nolan Lawson

Service Worker and the Appification of the Web

Kelsey Hightower

Self Deploying Go Applications

Vladimir de Turckheim

NoSQL injections in Node.js: The case of MongoDB

Zeke Sikelianos

Navigating JavaScript Userland

Thomas Belin

User Interfaces as Pure Functions of Time

Gonçalo Morais

Binary in JavaScript

Rolf Erik Lekang

Enforcing code changes over time

Evan You

Reactivity in Frontend JavaScript Frameworks

Ada Rose Edwards

Realities of doing VR on the Web

Dmitri Shuralyov

Go in the browser

Robert Griesemer

Prototype your design!

Elias Naur

Make mobile programming fun (again)

John Cinnamond

A Look at the Criticism of Go

Péter Szilágyi

Immutability in Go: Post mortem from a DoS-ed blockchain

Dave Cheney

Do not fear first class functions

Katrina Owen

The Scandalous Story of the Dreadful Code Written by the Best of Us

Matthew Holt

Go with ACME

Mickaël Rémond

Building Scalable Systems: what you can learn from Erlang

Dan Brown

Convergent Replicated Data Types, Part 2

Following up on his talk at dotScale 2015 where he presented the benefits of an eventually consistent "AP" system using CRDTs versus a strictly consistent "CP" system, Dan shares more information about some of the specific data types in the Riak database and how they behave when conflicts occur.

Ted Dunning

IT from First Principles

Oliver Keeble

Planetary Computing at the Large Hadron Collider

Fabien Potencier

Monolithic repositories vs. Many repositories

Deciding to use a monolithic repository or many repositories for your next project is not easy. Why not using both strategies? That’s possible with, an open source tool that automates the splitting of a monolithic Git repository into many standalone repositories.

Benjamin Fernandes

Monitoring 101: How To Monitor at Scale

Sean Owen

Scaling Learning on Apache Spark

Vasia Kalavri

Demystifying Distributed Graph Processing

Gleb Budman

A Peek Behind The Cloud

Veronica Lopez

Go, Beyond the Distributed Systems

Ben Firshman

How to use an Internet-sized computer

Charlie Robbins

Dependencies, Static Analysis and The Grid

Jason Hickey

A new PNaCl/LLVM Go Compiler

Sebastien Binet

gopy: extending CPython with Go

Eleanor McHugh

Encrypt All Transports

Peter Bourgon

A case for microservices

Matt Horsnell

What have the instruction set architects ever done for us?

Arnaud Porterie

Abusing text/template for data transformation

Alan Shreve

Conceptualizing Large Software Systems

Francesc Campoy Flores

Functional Go?

Rob Pike

Simplicity is Complicated

Matt Aimonetti

Applied concurrency in Go

Marty Schoch

A Tour of the Bleve

Jessica Frazelle

The Docker Trail

Fatih Arslan

Tools for working with Go Code

Anthony Starks

The Other Side of Go: Programming Pictures

David Mytton

Scaling Humans - Ops teams and incident management

Dave Cheney

Functional options for friendly APIs

Simon Riggs

Databases - The Long View

John Wilkes

Cluster management at Google with Borg

Matt Bostock

Coordinating unattended reboots using a distributed mutex

Mario Loriedo

Docker meets the IDE

Chris Sinjakli

Zero-downtime PostgreSQL migrations

Sam Bessalah

Your system is distributed, like it or not!

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Introducing Disque

Jeremy Edberg

Your infrastructure is not a unique snowflake, and that's ok!

Neha Narula

Consistency and Candy Crush: Don't give up on serializability just yet

Paul Dix

Time series data: the worst and best use case in distributed databases

Kyle Kingsbury

Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal

John Graham-Cumming

I got 10 trillion problems, but logging ain't one

Dan Brown

Convergent Replicated Data Types

Joe McCann

Tuning Node

Felix Geisendörfer

GoDrone: Writing a Quadcopter firmware in Go

Mike McNeil

Pulling the Plug

Francesc Campoy Flores

Things I learned teaching Go

Jeremy Saenz

Building Better Packages

Brad Fitzpatrick

The State of the Gopher

John Graham-Cumming

I came for the easy concurrency, I stayed for the easy composition

Keith Rarick

Vendoring and Import Path Rewriting

Tomás Senart

HTTP load testing with Vegeta

Brad Fitzpatrick

Software I'm exicted about

Solomon Hykes

Why We Created Docker