The dot Post is a web magazine for developers built around 3 core values: Openness, Independence and Quality.

Openness is the reason we do this. We are strong advocates of open source and open content so all articles and videos are published under a Creative Commons license. We have an open API and all the content is available in Markdown on GitHub.

Independence and transparence are essential to build trust with our readers. We have no one to report to but our audience and we have done everything we can to keep money out of the equation, from keeping costs low to refusing ads or sponsored content. Our only income comes from our conferences and by making it easy to fork us, we are making sure it will stay this way.

This allows us to focus on Quality. We publish only technical content and prefer "slow news". We optimize headlines for information, not for clicks. And finally we want the reading experience to be efficient and enjoyable!

If you agree with these values, we welcome all contributions! This is your magazine and together we will make it awesome :)