After two years working on Connected Devices (IoT) on iOS, Hugues shares what he learned and best practices.

Developing an iOS App which connect to a BLE device can be tedious. BLE connectivity is limited when working in Xcode Simulator and debugging can be tricky. Hugues shares some tips that help having a faster and most robust development cycle:

  • Implementing Unit Tests to validate your BLE data transformation
  • Containing your BLE layer using wrappers and protocols to be able to work on your App even in the Simulator
  • Developing a Device Simulator (another iOS App) to simulate your device in order to avoid being block by longer hardware development cycle

This talk is not a BLE introduction, you should check Apple WWDC videos to get a good overview:

  • WWDC 2012 - Core Bluetooth 101
  • WWDC 2012 - Advanced Core Bluetooth
  • WWDC 2013 - Core Bluetooth

You can also follow this good tutorial to work with BLE:

Hugues has also done a workshop about BLE on iOS at FrenchKit 2015:

About the speaker

Hugues Bernet-Rollande
Hugues Bernet-Rollande
iOS developer

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dotSwift 2017
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