We learn new stuff when we work on our projects. Let us use linters together with version control to enforce the changes we want to see in our code base. However, at times it might be too much work to change the configuration of our linters. Rolf Erik proposes a way to make that easier so that we can make sure we utilise what we learn.

Some links

The tool mentioned in the slides that implements this technique: https://github.com/relekang/lint-filter

A blogpost about the filtering: https://medium.com/@relekang/filtering-lint-errors-a1aee46e6f43

About the speaker

Rolf Erik Lekang
Rolf Erik Lekang
Software engineer and consultant at Itera

About the conference

dotJS 2016
The largest JavaScript conference in Europe
Next edition: dotJS 2017 in Paris, France. Tickets available now!

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