As we wrap up dotJS 2014, our 8th conference in 2 years, it is time to announce the second chapter of our adventure!

The first one was primarily offline. We managed to gather incredible speakers and attendees in Paris and build a community of technical experts in fields ranging from JavaScript to Scalability, and will continue to do so!

However, we felt something was missing online. We always published all the HD videos on YouTube, but we never had a proper home. Until now!

We are proud to introduce The dot Post, a new magazine by developers for developers built around 3 core values: Openness, Independence and Quality.

These values have always been the driving force behind dotConferences, and our online presence will stay true to them.

The dot Post is indeed a bold bet on openness. All our content will be licensed under Creative Commons and available in Markdown on GitHub. You read that right! We are also launching with an API, from day 1.

Just like we will never accept any money to put a speaker on stage, we have also made sure The dot Post is free from external influences, to guarantee editorial independence. We will continue to strengthen the trust we have with you all, and making it easy for anyone to fork us is a great way to make sure we stay on course.

All of this will allow us to focus on the quality of our articles and videos. Our only job will be to allow our authors and reviewers, starting with dotConferences speakers, to share great technical ideas in a healthy environment.

We are launching The dot Post today with a couple articles and some of the best talks from past dotConferences. But we need your help going forward! We are issuing a public call for contributions as we welcome anyone with great ideas to come share them here.

Please also feel free to open issues on GitHub to give us feedback on the content or on The dot Post in general.

The road ahead could not be more exciting. We cannot wait to see what you will build on top of this. Mobile apps! PDF exports! Physical books anyone? Go wild! This is your magazine and together we will make it awesome :)

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Sylvain Zimmer
Sylvain Zimmer

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