Theo de Raadt

Privilege Separation and Pledge

Ori Pekelman

Sudon’t or going rootless

Anne Canteaut

The struggle for secure cryptography

Sean Owen

Scaling Learning on Apache Spark

Vasia Kalavri

Demystifying Distributed Graph Processing

Gleb Budman

A Peek Behind The Cloud

Estelle Weyl

Do you really know CSS?

Maxim Salnikov

Getting started with Angular2

Mathias Buus

Hyperdrive, a P2P filesharing network

Etienne Margraff

Easier remote JavaScript debugging with Vorlon.js

Veronica Lopez

Go, Beyond the Distributed Systems

Nicolas Grenié

Serverless Microservices in JavaScript

Eric Schoffstall

WebRTC Everywhere

Alessandro Ludovici

Creating an animation with CAReplicatorLayer

Michael May

The Empathetic Developer

Christophe Porteneuve

Modern Asynchronous JavaScript

Grégoire Lhotellier

Protocol Oriented Programming

Nicolas Bevacqua

Practical ES6 for the Modern JavaScript Tinkerer

Paul Ardeleanu

CloudKit: The Forgotten Cloud

Victor Wang

iOS UIs built as Lego bricks

TJ Usiyan

Swift [and the] Evolution

Maxim Zaks

Beyond JSON in Swift

Chris Eidhof

Tiny Networking in Swift

Thomas Visser

The Bright Future of Swift

Ayaka Nonaka

Going Swift and Beyond

Brendan Eich

Web Evolution in Action 2

Roy Marmelstein

Localization is hard

Rob Napier

Beyond Crusty: Real-World Protocols

Ben Firshman

How to use an Internet-sized computer

Charlie Robbins

Dependencies, Static Analysis and The Grid

Andrey Sitnik

Fix Global CSS with PostCSS

Daniel Eden

Move Slow and Fix Things

Samuel Saccone

Dealing with Garbage

Ben Briggs

Intelligent CSS optimisation

Daniel Glazman

Pushing CSS to new frontiers

Vincent Voyer

Authoring and publishing ES6 modules today

Johannes Fiala

How to end manual REST-API client coding

Tom Giannattasio

Transform Alchemy

Forbes Lindesay

The Compiler Pipeline of Pug

Alan Stearns

Becoming Responsible for CSS

Rebecca Murphey

HTTP/2 is here, now let's make it easy

Chris Eppstein

The expanding boundaries of CSS

Tim Caswell

Teaching Kids Programming using Web Browsers and Real Robots

Andre Medeiros

The whole future declared in a var

Una Kravets

Editing Images in CSS

Henrik Joreteg

Pocket-sized JavaScript

Rachel Andrew

The New CSS Layout

Jason Hickey

A new PNaCl/LLVM Go Compiler

Sebastien Binet

gopy: extending CPython with Go

Eleanor McHugh

Encrypt All Transports

Peter Bourgon

A case for microservices

Matt Horsnell

What have the instruction set architects ever done for us?

Arnaud Porterie

Abusing text/template for data transformation

Alan Shreve

Conceptualizing Large Software Systems

Francesc Campoy Flores

Functional Go?

Rob Pike

Simplicity is Complicated

Matt Aimonetti

Applied concurrency in Go

Marty Schoch

A Tour of the Bleve

Jessica Frazelle

The Docker Trail

Fatih Arslan

Tools for working with Go Code

Anthony Starks

The Other Side of Go: Programming Pictures

David Mytton

Scaling Humans - Ops teams and incident management

Dave Cheney

Functional options for friendly APIs

Bert Bos

A handful of typographic challenges

Justin Meyer

A JavaScript Project Checklist

Paul O’Shannessy

React Through the Ages

Daniel Glazman

20 years of CSS: maturity or senility?

Simon Riggs

Databases - The Long View

John-David Dalton

A Shimblance of Success

John Wilkes

Cluster management at Google with Borg

Corinne Krych

Switch to Swift?

Matt Bostock

Coordinating unattended reboots using a distributed mutex

Mario Loriedo

Docker meets the IDE

Chris Sinjakli

Zero-downtime PostgreSQL migrations

Sam Bessalah

Your system is distributed, like it or not!

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Introducing Disque

Jeremy Edberg

Your infrastructure is not a unique snowflake, and that's ok!

Neha Narula

Consistency and Candy Crush: Don't give up on serializability just yet

Paul Dix

Time series data: the worst and best use case in distributed databases

Marius Rackwitz

Static vs. Dynamic Linking

Kyle Kingsbury

Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal

John Graham-Cumming

I got 10 trillion problems, but logging ain't one

Dan Brown

Convergent Replicated Data Types

Maxime Thirouin

Back to the CSS

Daniel Steinberg

The Ugly American Learns Swift

Joe McCann

Tuning Node

Hugo Giraudel

Keep Calm and Write Sass

Romain Huet

Swiftly Building Better Apps

Kyle Fuller

Practical Functional Programming in Swift

Ash Furrow

Swift in Production

JP Simard

Introspecting Swift

Dimitri Dupuis-Latour

Think Swiftly

Harry Roberts

10 Principles for effective Front-end Development

Daniel Steinberg

The excitement of the blank page

Yehuda Katz

A guide to Indie Open Source Software

Felix Geisendörfer

GoDrone: Writing a Quadcopter firmware in Go

Angus Croll

A Book Nerd's Guide to JavaScript

Soledad Penadés

Tools for the 21st century musician

Mike McNeil

Pulling the Plug

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent

Bridging the gap between developers and designers

Domenic Denicola

The jsdom

Gregor Adams

Functionality in CSS

Martin Gontovnikas

JSON Web Tokens

Nicolas Gallagher

Thinking beyond “Scalable CSS”

James Halliday

Immutable offline webapps

Francesc Campoy Flores

Things I learned teaching Go

Jeremy Saenz

Building Better Packages

Andrew Gerrand

5 things I love (or why you should learn Go)

Blake Mizerany

Three fallacies of dependencies

Brad Fitzpatrick

The State of the Gopher

Bryan Helmkamp

Building a Culture of Code Quality

John Graham-Cumming

I came for the easy concurrency, I stayed for the easy composition

Omar Qunsul

Socket.IO for realtime multiplayer chess

Charlie Robbins

Open Source Like A BOSS

David Iglesias

A promise is a Promise

Matt Westcott

Why 'eval' makes JS the best language in the world

Sylvain Zimmer

Introducing The dot Post

As we wrap up dotJS 2014, our 8th conference in 2 years, it is time to announce the second chapter of our adventure!

The first one was primarily offline. We managed to gather incredible speakers and attendees in Paris and build a community of technical experts in fields ranging from ...

Alexey Kachayev

Channels Are Not Enough

Golang Concurrency Patterns for brave and smart.

Keith Rarick

Vendoring and Import Path Rewriting

Tomás Senart

HTTP load testing with Vegeta

Alison Gianotto

Understanding Risk and Security

Robert Kennedy

Life in the Trenches of

Addy Osmani

yo polymer

Alex Sexton

Practicing Safe Script

Guillermo Rauch

The Need for Speed

John K. Paul

Type Dependence

Brad Fitzpatrick

Software I'm exicted about

Solomon Hykes

Why We Created Docker

Axel Rauschmayer

Multiple Dispatch

Brian LeRoux



What Is Open Source & Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

Jeremy Ashkenas

Symbiotic Languages


This is an early beta of The dot Post and we need your feedback :-)